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30th-Jun-2007 07:54 pm - shameless promo
a FBR multi fandom picspam/icon/fullsizing community!


26th-Jun-2007 02:09 pm(no subject)
Home ::1::

fueledbygraphix The largest LJ community for Fueled By Ramen graphics with an icon challenge held weekly.
fueledbymedia A new community for audio, video and graphics requests and other FBR-related media things.

banner by punk_rock_gfx (banner challenge winner).

14th-Jun-2007 11:36 pm - Gym Class Heroes
Once Upon a Time queen
So you know that online contest GCH had to play at the high school that voted the most? Well hi, we won. :P (Eleanor Roosevelt HS in Greenbelt, Maryland)
Pictures can be found here at my former GJ.
Excuse the crappy pictures; our gym has terrible lighting.
1st-Apr-2007 03:28 pm(no subject)

For all you The Academy Is... fans

You can still order Santi, the new album from The Academy Is..., which is coming out 04.03.07
Check out the The Academy Is... Media Page and the Santi Ecard
Also their new single Big Mess is available for download HERE

Spread the Fueled by Ramen love :)
24th-Feb-2007 11:09 pm(no subject)


Listen up everyone! There's a band that's up and coming with an enormous future, but right now they're in search of a singer!! - PREFERABLY MALE.

Here's a little background information:
The band includes including Mike, the owner of SJC Drums (www.sjcdrums.com),Drum maker for bands like Panic! At The Disco, Gym Class Heroes, The Academy Is, Cute is What We Aim For, This Providence - pretty much every band signed to the Fueled By Ramen record label.

Tom C., the bassist, also plays base in a band called No Trigger.

Tom F., and their other guitarist, Joey, were previously in a band called A Better Fall, which made it to fourth place in the Takeover Records (sign my band contest) in 2006. The bands that placed first and second didn't go anywhere, and the band that placed third, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, was signed to a major label.

If you live in the Massachusetts area or close to, and if you think you'd fit the band's image and sound, please message them at www.myspace.com/razzledazzlema!
20th-Feb-2007 09:46 am - MikeCarden.com
[Teen Wolf] Stiles eyes
Just posting this in case some of you might be interested.

Just letting everyone now that we're getting ready to launch www.mikecarden.com. Right now, the link will take you directly to the Mike Carden Forums, but the site should be up soon! Everyone join the forum, and come hang out with us! It's going to be great!


If anyone has any pictures, icons, or anything else Mike related (this includes photographs of fans with Mike, Mike with other band members, etc) then send your stuff over to mikecarden.com@gmail.com with the name you wish for us to attribute the materials too!

Hopefully the site will be up soon, and we hope everyone will check it out!

If anyone is interested, that's great! If not, we're just trying to spread the word.
5th-Feb-2007 08:03 pm - forgive durden!!
Does anyone know if there is a livejournal for forgive durden? there the best fbr band and once i start listening to them i cant stop cause their so smart and clever. okay i know i sound stupid, but thats why i need them, to highten my iq. right. thankss.
23rd-Jan-2007 06:13 am - small plugging -- POWERSPACE
kind of sort of badass car
hey y'all~

i created a sort of off-beat powerspace promotion journal at geturpoweron! every couple of days, i'll post a new way to get your power on and support our dear powerspace. these ideas will range from ridiculous (storming a news broadcast with a powerspace sign, ie) to normal (making your own powerspace v-neck and wearing it all over the place).

if you think it's a cool idea, please plug, pimp, link, or whatever you call this out the wazoo. (what the heck is a wazoo?!) if you want to make plugging banners, even better!

Remember, it's...


if you want to donate ideas, email me at brightsideofthedark[@]gmail[.]com ^^
oh, and this is also part of the POWERLOVE FORUMS contest that was posted a day or two ago. but hell, it's fun to do even if i don't win. xD

x-posted a lot

-mods if this is not allowed, please delete-
19th-Nov-2006 03:41 pm(no subject)
Fueled By Ramen Prize Pack Contest

(1) lucky winner will recieve a Fueled By Ramen prize pack that includes:

(1) - As Cruel as School Children CD - GCH
(1) - While the City Sleeps CD - Cobra Starship
(1) - GCH T-shirt
(1) - Cobra Starship T-shirt

For more info, please visit www.thesocalscene.com
9th-Nov-2006 03:43 am(no subject)
hi. i was just wondering if any FBR employee could sell my a truckstops and statelines poster. in te FBR webstore, it says its sold out. but someone told me that they asked someone from FBR and they were able to send it to them

thanks in advance.
10th-Oct-2006 10:36 am - The Hush Sound magazine feature
Hey all. I represent an online magazine called The Green Room. In our October issue we featured an article on The Hush Sound, including bits from our pre-show interview with them and a review of the show they put on here at the end of September.

Take a look through the magazine. And if you'd like, join our LJ community as well - greenroommag - where you can discuss the magazine's content, and receive monthly reminders when the magazine goes live.

Thanks for reading!

The Green Room magazine
AIM: GreenRoomDawn

(Crossposted in multiple places.)
9th-Sep-2006 02:43 pm - Woohoo!!!
Night Sky
Hello, new member. Love FBR... hope someday to join the fam, but in the mean time, I'm here.

So's here's why I joined, and I'm hoping that my goals and dreams and hopes will come to frutation.

A) I think there needs to be FBR graphics... I will contribute, as well as pimp. Nothing with only one band, cause there are 400 groups for those kinda things per band, but say anything with multipule bands in them or just plain FBR related.

B) Updates with any news that has to do with FBR in general or bands that doesnt fit in individual things (I hate not getting posts approved because of burocracy like that in other bands)

that is all for now... rock out with your cock out.
1st-Aug-2006 07:42 pm - 13 members?
hp: dumbledore's naked
I didn't realize anyone had actually joined this community.
23rd-Jul-2006 07:12 pm(no subject)

best tour ever, right?

get tickets here http://www.fueledbyramen.com/paramore/tour/
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