bloodyvixen666 (bloodyvixen666) wrote in fueledbybands,

Ryan and Jon's new band

Ok I'm new to this community and I just have to ask: Has anybody heard about Ryan and Jon's new band The Young Veins? If you have has anybody been to their myspace and heard their new song Change? If you've done that too does anybody else think it sucks? Cause I do. It sounds kinda like the Pretty.Odd songs, and that wouldn't be a problem if Ryan wasn't singing it. I'm not saying he can't sing, cause maybe he can but to me that song doesn't show his talent. I may be a bit biased because I love Brendon and Panic! at the Disco's new work. I just think that there was a reason that Ryan was never the lead singer of Panic!. His voice isn't half as good.

If you haven't heard Panic! at the Disco's new single go here: It's on there.

If you haven't The Young Veins new single go here: It's on there

Listen, compare, tell me if I'm wrong, tell me if you agree, tell me if I should shut the hell up. I'm all ears.
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